The steps that should be taken by the honorable members of the board of directors after the company is established are as follows:

۱-Submission of official newspapers and publications (payment only through related systems)

۲-Manufacturing company seal (company full name, company registration number and type)

۳-Tax office seal of the current year

۴-Tax filing (Tier 2) within two months after its establishment [in accordance with Article 1 of Article I of the Amended Law on Direct Taxes and Amendment of Article 2 and the like]

۵-Value Added Registration

۶-Submit seasonal reports after each season

۷-Submit tax return after end of fiscal year to end of July

۸-Set up tax offices to provide assets

۹-Tax office seal before end of fiscal year (until end of March)

Failure to do so may result in tax offenses.

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Mohammad Jalaeian Bakhshande