Registration and administrative servicesRegistration and administrative services

Professional registration of different kind of companies including:

۱- Limited liability company registration

۲- Private joint stock company registration

۳- Public joint stock company registration

۴- Co-Operative company registration

۵- Collateral company registration (cooperative partnership company registration)

۶- Multi-subject companies registration

۷- Knowledge based company registration

۸- Free zone company registration

۹- Institute registration

۱۰- Industrial clusters registration

۱۱- Professional registration of different kind of companies including: Productive, Contracting, Service, Trading and industrial companies.

۱۲- International companies registration

۱۳- Establishment of agencies and branches of foreign companies in Iran

۱۴- Seal of law offices (business office seal)

Editing and registration of all minutes and changes of companies including:

۱- Regulation and registration of all minutes and changes, consolidated and controversial decision, professional consultation and elimination of problems by consultants and experts of Iranian Register Department.

۲- Increase capital in companies without depositing into the bank

۳- Minutes of capital reduction registration

۴- Transfer of shares and partnership shares without direct presence in the tax office

۵- Transfer of shareholders and partners and exit and entry of persons without direct participation in the corporate registration office

۶- Change the address of the head office or company branch

۷- Change the subject of companies

۸- Rename companies

۹- Liquidation of all companies and filing of tax and liquidation filing and filing advice and filing manager

۱۰- Change of board of directors and authorized signature of the company

۱۱- Convert company stock

and all matters relating to the registration of corporate changes

Trademark and brand registration includes:

۱- Registration of all trademarks and trade names of Farsi and Latin

۲- Iranian brand and trademark registration and Madrid system registration

۳- Designing and registering a variety of business logos and brands, website design, Android apps and special images with the latest design techniques

Industrial Property Registration Services Includes:

۱- Design registration and industrial property and intellectual property

۲- Patent and Innovation and Initiative and Enforcement of Copyright Regulations

۳- Patent and Innovation registration

۴- Registration of industrial projects

Registration and Administrative services in the area of ​​competent authorities including:

۱- Consultations on getting a business card for legal entities

۲- Consultation on obtaining industry approval and authorization

۳- Consulting and obtaining a license of exploitation

۴- Designing and formulating a variety of designs including the Industry and Campaign Questionnaire

۵- Qualification and ranking Ministry of Labor (Employers Association) for all service companies

۶- Order and the sale of concessions engineering companies Rated contracting

۷- Advice on obtaining contractor ratings from the Planning and Budgeting Organization and all affiliated organs of the High Council of Information System for all computer companies.

۸- Consulting and obtaining ISO on all bases

۹- Obtaining Iran Code

۱۰- Obtain standard badge

۱۱- Obtaining a solvent badge license

۱۲- Obtaining the types of permits from the competent authorities

Financial and tax services include:

۱- Tax filing and obtaining economic code

۲- VAT registration and filing

۳- Preparation and filing of tax returns for inactive and active companies

۴- Specialized tax consulting and commissioning and assignment of arrears

۵- Filing annual tax returns and providing companies with inactivity for tax exemption

۶- Tax exemption procedures and company registration in all free trade zones

۷- Obtaining corporate law and tax offices

Legal services include:

۱- Formulating and regulating all types of legal contracts of corporations and individuals

۲- Adjust legal rights

۳- Specialized legal advice

۴- Accept power of attorney