Registering a company in Mashhad

Further details on registering a company in Mashhad:

The main industries in Mashhad include food, textile, chemical and non-metallic industries, and the steel, agricultural and agricultural industries. Mashhad is also one of the main hubs of leather production in Iran. In recent years, investment in large-scale commercial projects has increased. Due to the booming business in the city and its significant contribution to the country’s economy, the number of registered companies in Mashhad is growing, so the goal is to respond. To the needs of company registration applicants in order to obtain specialized information in this field, we will continue to review and describe all the materials related to company registration in Mashhad.

Registering a company in Mashhad
Registering a company in Mashhad

What is a company?

A company is a community of partners or shareholders or founders that have the same goal of achieving a single goal. The partners or shareholders of each company can be legal entities. Each company has a policy goal that is determined by the legal entities (partners or shareholders). In principle, this policy is formed in a framework called the Statute that has different meanings.

Benefits of company registration:

۱-Obtain the trust of the person or company of the contractor to extend the level of corporate debt obligation

۲-Legal protection of legal entities

۳-Formalization of activity through company registration

۴-Opportunity to participate in tenders and auctions

۵-Obtaining and granting official company representation

۶-To gain the trust and cooperation of the relevant clients and organizations with regard to the possibility of authentic legal inquiries regarding the status and performance of the company

۷-Official registration of all company records and the ability to cite it if necessary

۸-Access to financial and credit facilities from private and public banks and financial institutions

۹-Member’s capital accumulation and intellectual capacity due to the inability to register the company individually and the need to nominate at least two people as partners or shareholders

۱۰-Broader social roles

Company types:

In business law, there are four categories of companies that each have their own characteristics and characteristics in business law and have closely related statutes that have an integrated design. Basically in the statutes of companies such as company name, subject of activity (purpose), duration of activity, address of head office (head office) and branches of the company, amount of company capital (amount of shares or shareholding of each member) separately Cash and Non-Cash Number of Company Shares and Their Type (Named, Named, Premium, Collateral…), How to Transfer Shares……It should be noted that the founders can add any number of articles that do not violate the main articles of the Statute and not contrary to the law of the Company.

Types of Companies Registered in the Business Registration Office are:

Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Companies (special and general), mixed and non-public joint stock companies, co-operatives (production and consumption), partnerships and relative.

Company Registration in Mashhad : limited liability

A limited liability company is a corporation formed between two or more individuals for business purposes and each partner without debt capital divided into shares or shares, only to the extent of its equity (percentage of shareholding) in the company responsible for the debt. And as are the company’s obligations. As can be seen from the name of the limited liability company, the level of commitment of these companies is lower than other types of company.

A limited liability company is often best suited for business matters such as cosmetics, beverages, food, buying, selling, exporting, importing, and generally all matters that do not require public and private bidding. One of the characteristics of a limited liability company is having an outside board of directors (decision makers) that can be used to invest in other people. Registration for a limited liability company is not required to deposit funds into a bank account or to open a bank account at the time of establishment.

Institute Registration in Mashhad:

A non-profit corporation is a type of legal entity that is solely concerned with providing services and does not operate as a corporation. Nonprofits are divided into two types of for-profit and non-profit. The for-profit corporations are formed of individuals whose purpose is to form a corporation for profit and income and to distribute profits among the members.But nonprofits such as unions, trade unions, political groups and associations and parties and NGOs have not been formed to profit and divide.In fact, a non-profit corporation is a company that does not buy, sell, export or import in the business merely for business purposes.Examples of these types of institutions are law firms, services, arts and culture, and non-commercial corporations. Note that the non-profit corporation’s fixed capital is above $ 1.5 and is subject to company registration or corporate registration. Except for exceptions, you do not need to obtain a license from the Registry of Companies.

Registration of Joint Stock Company in Mashhad:

A corporation is one of the types of corporation in which the equity of the corporation is divided into shares with the same par value and each of the partners has a certain amount of equity. Obviously, the liability of each shareholder of the company is as large as the nominal amount of their share.A corporation is divided into two types: the first are public corporations whose founders provide part of the company’s capital through the sale of shares to the public and the second type are private equity corporations whose entire capital was solely provided by the founders at the time of establishment.

Registered Joint Stock Company in Mashhad:

Is a company consisting of at least three natural or legal shareholders (founders)?In this type of company, board members must necessarily be shareholders, and only the CEO can be outside the shareholders. This type of company has a higher level of liability than the limited liability company. Private joint stock companies are often recommended to bidders, contractors and borrowers seeking loans, facilities and bank guarantees from public and private banks. To register a corporation, it must open an account in the name of the corporation and deposit at least 35% of the initial capital of the corporation, which cannot be withdrawn until the official newspaper is published.

Collateral company registration:

Collateral Company is a corporation with a high level of liability and responsibility. These types of companies are suitable for currency exchange rial buying – coin sales and obtaining Type 1 and Type 2 currency licenses Partnerships are undertaken by partners or individuals named in the company. Consider the total amount of commitment for each investment in this type of company by individual partners. A partnership company usually uses the names of the individuals and their partners in the company name. To register a partnership at the beginning of the registration, no prior authorization is required.

Registration of cooperative company in Mashhad:

Keep in mind that, in order to register a co-operative, the founding board must first refer the minutes of the meeting to the co-operative office and the necessary authorization to register the co-operative in the corporate register. It should be noted that in order to register a cooperative, all shareholders must have an equal number of shares.

* Contact Iranian Registrar for information on registering a public joint stock company, a joint stock company, a non-public corporation and a relative company.

Registration process in Mashhad (Steps of Registering a company in Mashhad):

Steps to register your company in Mashhad:

۱-Complete the described documents

۲-Register with the Non-Commercial Enterprises Acceptance Registration System and get the case tracking number from the site.

۳-Pursuit of Bachelor’s Degree Status with Code of Establishment Acceptance from Corporate Registration System Until Receipt of Confirmation of Company Name.

۴-Shareholder Referral to Bank and Deposit 35% of Declared Capital to Account Opened in Company Name and Receive Bank Certificate Addressed to Corporate Registry for Payment of 35% Initial Capital (Dedicated to Joint Stock Companies)

۵-Printing of official company papers including Statute, Application, Company Statement and Minutes of the System and signature of all its pages by all Company Members (Partners and Board of Directors) and for specific Joint Stock Companies including Statute, Statement and Minutes of the System and Signing of All Pages by all corporate members (shareholders and board of directors).

۶-Post all documentation to the Registrar of Companies concerned, including: Copy of Board of Directors and Partners National Identity Card and Certificate, Board of Directors Certificate of Unregistered Certificate No background record), Copy of license or degree according to company activity subject to need, company official papers (by company type), name confirmation sheet and print establishment acceptance taken on the system, Certificate of Deposit 35% Initial to the bank account of the corporation (specific to corporations)

۷-Keep track of the status of the case file until receiving a notice of establishment notice in the company registration system.

۸-Refer to the Registrar of Companies and register by a shareholder or board member and receive a corporate establishment notice.

To ensure the accuracy of the registration process in Mashhad, you can enjoy the free consultation of Iranian registered trademark and Mashhad Entrepreneurs, sponsors of Mashhad Entrepreneurs.

Registration process in Mashhad by Iranian a company registration:

۱-Comprehensive and specialized formulation of your company activity

۲-Accompaniment for choosing a company name

۳-Complete all company registration process (system registration and administrative procedures)

In fact, you are solely responsible for announcing the conditions required for your company and completing documents and signing papers and finalizing the establishment and registration papers, leaving the other steps calmly, with the least amount of time and expense to qualified Iranian registration experts.

Documents required to register a company:

Copy of Identification Documents Including: Identity Card and National ID of Board of Directors and Partners and Inspectors (Board of Directors, Shareholders and Inspectors for Private Joint Stock Companies), The CEO’s mobile phone number registered under his name, a copy of the license or qualification as required by the subject matter of the Company’s activities. Providing Bank Certificate to Mashhad Business Registration Office, depositing at least 35% of the initial capital of the company or total capital in the account opened in the name of the corporation with the terms of establishment (only for corporations with at least 35% deposit and certification required)

Registration Time in Mashhad:

Approximately 1 to 4 business days. Your time is invaluable to us. To register a company in Mashhad in the shortest time possible, get in touch with the experienced experts of Iranian Registration Company and get our expert advice and free support.

Registration fee in Mashhad:

Depending on the amount of initial capital declared and the subject of the business activity, it varies.

Important points to register a company:

۱-To register with a company and choose a name, be sure to use unregistered names and select those that do not qualify for flood name selection but having more floods will not help to be more similar, so even the name of a single flood or two floods will be registered on condition of anonymity.

۲- The positions used in registering a company include:Managing Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, first Inspector, second Inspector. Please note that these positions may apply for any company registration provided they are not duplicate.

In the joint stock companies and cooperatives, the presence of the first inspector and second is mandatory but it is in other companies.

۳-The CEO should not have the position of CEO in several other companies at the same time.

۴-Government entities cannot hold positions in private companies.

۵-Government entities can eventually own up to 5% in private companies.

۶-To register an engineering firm, you must be a member of a company with a relevant engineering degree.

۷-The criterion for registering a company in the corporate registration office is issuing advertisements in the corporate registration office and signing the following corporate offices and obtaining an official newspaper certificate to be incorporated in the official newspaper of the country.

۸-The minimum initial capital required to register for most companies is 1/000/000 Rials.

Registered Knowledge Base Companies:

Knowledge base companies are the companies that, after producing services (knowledge base), know-how and presenting a solution for their production, can benefit from legal benefits and facilities for a defined period of time until the production of the original.

Knowledge companies are companies that can make a minimum of money by selling technology (services) for a short period of time.

Keep in mind that the Knowledge Company is registered as a state-owned corporation with public and non-governmental organizations and institutions and companies and institutions with more than 50 % ownership of the public sector cannot benefit from contract-based knowledge corporations and enjoy the benefits and benefits of the knowledge-based law. To register a knowledge-based company, all information related to shareholders, board members and company resumes and information within the organization must be reviewed. To determine whether they include knowledge-based companies. Companies located in the Science and Technology Park still need to be evaluated. The presence of faculty members in companies can be a great help in evaluating the knowledge company.

Important Points in Registering a Knowledge Base Company:

۱-The use of the relevant support shall be subject to the request of the Secretariat Implementation Support Unit Secretariat of the Assessment and Recognition Working Group of Knowledge-Based Companies and Institutions for the performance and approval of such Secretariat. 2-In the event of infringement and unauthorized use of the facilities for non-use of technology in accordance with the penalties provided for in Article 7 of the Code, the protection of knowledge-based corporations shall be guaranteed. 3-Note that verified companies are not granted specific licenses or certificates.

Required actions after registration:

۱-Action to obtain official newsletter and publication of the company established after receiving notice of establishment of the company

۲-Action to obtain commercial seal offices (up to one month after establishment)

۳-Applying for tax filing and obtaining economic code (up to two months after company is established)

۴-Extension or change of board of directors (biennially) and inspectors (every one year) for specific joint stock companies.

۵-approving company financial year balance sheet and profit and loss (beginning of fiscal year)

Discretionary measures after company registration:

۱-Brand registration


۳-Obtain a business card

Registering a company in Mashhad Questions”:

۱-Does High Corporate Capital Increase Corporate Taxes? No, the tax amount is determined by the income of the company. The only relationship between the initial capital and the costs of the asset management is the payment of 1% (2%) of the initial capital at the time of filing the tax. 1% tax 1.5% on 1)

۲-Can the company name be Latin? No, the company name must be of Persian origin.

۳-Is it possible to register a business in one city in another? Yes, by registering you will be able to work in any city in the country.

۴-How is a company branch tax assessed? Taxation of all branches is assessed through the local tax office where the head office is located.

۵-How many branches can be registered in a city? No. No more than one branch can be registered in each city. The city where the head office is located is impossible to establish a branch at all.

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